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I have an Ortomatic bed that is 10 years old. See image for model/serial info. Sometimes when I raise the head of the bed it will only raise part way. It can be anywhere from 10% to 50% up. It may sink back down in a "free fall" like the motor is being unwound under the weight of the bed. Not the motor powering down.

When the bed only raises part way, I can continue pressing the up button dozens of times to eventually raise the bed to full extension. Each time the motor starts and then immediately shuts off like some kind of safety interlock or limit switch is kicking in. The bed will raise a fraction of an inch each time.

If I then lower the bed and raise it back up again it will raise smoothly to the last point that I had worked up to with multiple button pushes and then stop there. I can raise it dozens of times to full extension and back down again. Then, after a period of days, the cycle starts all over again.

This gets pretty irritating. Anyone have ideas on how to repair the motor so this doesn't happen?

Thanks, Pat

Pat ORTHOMATIC  was bought out by LEGGETT and PLATT, there are NO Published cross references for the model conversions,    this is a common problem with all these orthomatic beds,     

This sounds wireless,  is it?  The weird actions that are happening to you, sound like some sort of electronic issue  in the controller itself,     you say it free falls,   does it ever sound like it is electrically moving by itself or in the opp direction you are pushing?

If it is wireless I would replace both module and remote,   this doesn't sound like a motor problem doing this on it's own  it sounds just as you described  limit switch, [although it probably is not a mechanical limit switch, it is an electronic stop,     

Here is a down and dirty cheap  long shot fix,     umplug the unit,  corded or not,   remove batteries from remote if non corded,    leave power off both units for at least an hour,   lets try to reset the electronics and see if that works,        

If it is corded it is plugged into what looks like a telephone jack,    unplug replug the cord and look in the connector for a bent, burnt pin,        

I really need to know if it is corded or not, and neither the serial or model comes up anywhere, and nothing in my literature I have collected here and there is close to that number,        

I would say to operate the unit with the mattresses off and see if there is anything obvious such as a shaft wobbling  anything that would point to a mechanical problem but you describe an electronic control problem    or a stray signal interfering with the control or the remote itself gone wacky,   odd it comes back to life after a few days which gives me a bit more hope it will reset  with the power removed for a long period  all day would be even better,     

then let me know what you have    the data tells me nothing, here is the link to a Leggett repair and sales shop    give them a call often they will have the cross reference and needed parts for anything over or at a decade old,

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