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I work for a plant with various motors,  where in the Kansas City area can I get a motor repaired or replaced,  we have all types from single phase, three phase and D.C.  and we have transformers that need rewinding,  or other devices that need rewound.  We need to find somewhere who can do all types of electrical devices,  including balancing, vibration problems,  and mechanical repairs.

Joe,  while this is a volunteer free site there is no advertising per se,  but there are many concerns that have no vendor to repair or analysis problems, as many repair shops have shut down due to the lack of manufacturing in the US,   so I can give you two choice for repair of all electric motors of all types  single phase , three phase, rewinding, rewinds, modifications, vibration problems, balance problems, machine work, electric motor repair of all kinds, sizes,  those would be  

EMR Repair Inc   816-587-3930   service@emrrepair.com  fax  816-587-3933

North part of Kansas City, a few minutes from downtown Kansas City   1518B NW Vivion Road  Kansas City Missouri  64118

On the east side of Kansas City   

MEAR Services Inc,  816-650-4030   repair@mearservice.com   fax 816-650-4061

Both have emergency contact information on their after hours phone, so call the regular number 365 days a year,   I know they will do industrial repair on an emergency basis anytime any day including holidays,     they both have a limit on size of motor,  but can go on site if needed, but about anything up to the largest of power plant motors can be handled by either,  

and if for some reason they cannot handle whatever, they can find you someone who can,   

They also repair, slip rings, rotors, stators, single phase, switches, balance problems, dynamic balance on site, Babbitt bearings, alignment, predictive services,  hoists, welders, welding transformers,   blowers,  fans in commercial buildings, elevator motors,  motor generator sets, three phase converters,  VFD drives,  fabrication, welding, sand blasting, bead blasting, explosion proof,  new motor sales, used motor sales, used device sales, provide estimates, will help on the phone,  either should be able to take care of any electrical related or mechanical related device, motor, transformer system.

If you run into a specific problem, please feel free to contact me with details and I can guide you from there,  


302 South Hudson  Buckner Missouri, 64016   they are a few mile from Independence Missouri

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