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we have a G.E. 1/6 hp 115v 1 ph explosion proof motor with thermal protection motor.  ge5kh33ln62x   frame is 48z

it has 5 wire hook up, colors purple, yellow, blue, red and black.

the wiring diagram sticker is missing and we are not sure how to properly connect it. it has been in storage for, well, ever.
at present the red and blue wires are connected, and the yellow and black are connected, with the purple alone. we suspect this is the correct setup, but are not sure.
any help would be appreciated.

So all is OK?      explosion proof gets my attention,    even diy people building sawdust vacuums in their garages have no idea how explosive just plain old sawdust can be,    so I have to spend special attention to them,     it sounds like you have it,   but if there is ANY DOUBT     because of the XP  let me know,  use my personal email,    sometimes explosion proof is over done, sometimes under done, but safety is number one,   again any doubts, concerns, anything  at ALL    Let me KNOW   


As it is explosion proof,  there should be or could very likely be a thermal cutoff that is two wires,   right now red and blue are connected,   explain please    connected to what/

Are you saying those two pairs are line?

It will be impossible to find an old GE color diagram,  with thermal protection on explosion proof is not usually on the line internally   where the device trips the circuit open, most XP motors have an individual protector with leads that come out and are tied across a contacter or wired to a light, or whatever the situation,   

Are you using this motor in an explosion related environment?  If so great care should be taken to make sure the leads are still puttied closed off from the environment  all the things that need to be done around explosion concerned applications,

You can measure the ohmage of each wire to wire, and send it to me and I  can get a lot closer with that info,   but as for colors those are not NEMA   so try it with the two lines on 110   another weird thing  XP rarely has an open lead or extra lead,   

When you say you expect it is correct you are saying two pairs to line with purple isolated?

If so why no wire nut on purple?

Look under the wire nuts on the pairs for a third piece of another wire  that will tell you a lot,    a local motor shop should be able to ohm it out, megger it, and test run it in 10 minutes,   I would go that way if it is going in an explosion concern area,     

send me the ohms between leads or try it with the purple isolated, and let me know how it goes,   


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