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I have an old reznor hanging heater in my garage. the fan motor on the back went bad. It is a 9 watt 115 volt ccw motor. I did not know the rpm of the motor. I bought a 1550 rpm motor and put it on. the problem is it works ok but the rpm is too fast. it is noisy and cools the heat exchanger too fast and it kicks on and off a lot. I cant seem to find a motor that will work with less rpm,s. do you know if some one makes one. I would figure maybe in the 1000 rpm range would be better. the heater is a Reznor room heater FM-25 serial no MG203N63. I do autobody in this garage and the heater was perfect before because there was hardly any wind. {dirt free paint} any help would be appreciated.  Thanks ;;  Ron.

RON,  Because you have a project where you are replacing an OEM motor,  and you found a motor that FIT   THAT HELPS, it probably means some standard fractional motor will fit,    

In order to get a lower speed,  what you will probably need to do, is get some sort of multiple speed motor that has choices of say 1550 as medium  and maybe 1100 as low,    there are many brands so I would look to the brand that you bought that is a single speed,    

Multiple speed motors should be just a few dollars more than a single speed,  to wire up,  you just use common and the lowest speed that will fit the heater without cooling the heated air too fast or blowing so hard it disturbs the ambient conditions,    

Finding a single speed only motor lower than 1200 will be hard to find,  so the multiple speed motor is the way to go.

If that doesnt work out, let me know,   worse to worse maybe we repair the original   


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