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I have an orthomatic adjustable bed serial#385385 (68001-520). I was in the middle of adjusting the bed after making it and it just stopped. I have a remote controller and checked to see if the batteries were good by replacing them with new ones. I then turned the bed to it's side to make sure all wires and cords where connected and not cut anywhere. I even checked to make sure there was current at the outlet. I can't find anything that would make it stop like that. I don't know where it was bought because my mother bought it and see has past away. Please tell me what I should do next. I am a cancer survivor and can not sleep flat without severe reflux. Money like most today is very limited.

Anna,  You did well in visual inspection of the correct components,  now that there are no visual indications of where to start,  the list of possible problems is very long,     

First it is divided into two categories,  

Mechanical    like a bind somewhere   frozen bearing,    etc,  

Electrical     from the motor brushes [if it is a brushed motor,  they use many kinds

something like a fuse.   a failed open wire in a loom,         

I had a complete house fire that almost took me,  and it was nothing but a short in a coffee maker cord,  that was in perfect condition,   it just shorted,     

If you can get me someone who can operate a volt ohm meter,  I will be glad to go step by step with whomever through the processes to diagnose.

But it will be several or many steps  depending on what it is       if a fuse   done fairly quickly   if we have to open wiring looms  that is another, thing,

All I can do right now,    is do you have the operational manual  and have you checked the list of trouble problems  and most of those will be      first  check and make sure the breaker feeding the outlet is still live, and a breaker did not trip,    plug in something like a hairdryer     so we know we have voltage,  

After that,    go one by one and check all fuses or in line breakers on the bed itself    

After that  we start with a meter,         sorry  I would love to say it is this or that   but so many things could be the cause,   just make sure you start with the simple of simple     

Like a bad outlet,    it happens all the time,      not even the device   just no power for some reason,   so start with all the simple things    then find me some one  who can tell me readings from a volt meter, ohm meter    and we can get to the problem         

Other than that, you will need a tech familiar with ORTHO BEDS  and there are many in many cities around the world actually,     

BVut I need a set of eyes and meter reading  to help you past anything obvious,  but again  I am happy to go step by step      if you have no manual    let me know,   I will try and get you an electronic version you can print,          

If you see anything you think might be a problem but not sure,  let me know,     

Then let me know if there is anyone who can operate a meter,   a car mechanic,  anyone like that could help us,         


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