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My wife has a Permobil power wheelchair the stands and elevates.  The chair is now stuck partially elevated.  It will not go up,down or stand.  The chair will drive and the back will lay back.  I believe the problem is with the elevator.  The button flashes red continually.  

Hope you can help.


ANSWER: Because all the other functions work as you described, I would tend to agree with you,  not knowing the make and model the flashing light means something but what  I have no idea,    I do agree it is the elevator,   either mechanically bound, or electrically there is  problem,        

Not sure how to tell you to proceed,  can you get me the make and model an let me see if I can get both a mechanical and electrical diagram?

That would help me diagnose the problem,      I could go to Permobil but not sure if every device is the same or upgrades or changes,   so need to narrow it down,    

Send me the model and and let me see what I can find,  


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


The model is the Permobil C500.  There is an order no: on the back of the manual.  It is 205209-US-0.  The seat system is VS, which I assume means vertical stander.  The product number on the back of that manual is 205216-US-0.

Hope this helps.


ANSWER: Dave,  we will sure see if it does,  give me a bit, and let me see how proprietary they get with their information,   many or I SHOULD SAY  ABOUT ANY MEDICAL device is locked up pretty tight, but we will see if we can't find a way around it, if it is,      I think you are correct in your first question, as every other function seems to be operating just fine,  but let me dig into this,     and I will be back as soon as possible,      


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks Will.  I really appreciate this.


Dave send me another email direct to     I see the parts are all OEM  just read that,         if you did all the seat functions you can do,     I would first find the cable to the add on seat function,     wiggle it    wiggle it good,   while trying to put a LITTLE PRESSURE on  by hand  not a lot,          

we need to take this down to a mechanical problem, or an electrical problem,.     from what you say it could be either,  something bound mechanically or a limit switch,  cord, contact,  any or a couple could have burnt  stuck,  etc,          if it is bound    and the fuse is not blown,  by pressure with hand on the seat,  you should hear a servo motor trying to do something,     

but please send me another direct email   my pdf viewer just crashed and I lost my notes,  

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