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I just bought a used double electric bed and the first night while rising the head it seemed to catch on the wall and I heard a twang and it stopped and the motor still made noise but the head won't move now. The foot noter works fine and it vibrates still. Any ideas what happened? It is an older type and I can't find the brand of it anywhere. Could it be a cable or a bar broken or is it the noter itself?

I do not have specific details of any electric beds.
However there is either one or 2 motors with a gear box to raise and lower the head side.
The foot side is on a seperate motor which still works.
It seems like either the turning screw attached to the movavble head froam is either stripped. or has come off its linkage.
Open it up and examine the different copmonents and see what is worn out etc .
Hope this helps you

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