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QUESTION: the motor on my air compressor has a short in the primary winding, i disassembled the motor and unwound the stator being sure to count number of turns etc. but the numbers i got don't make sense. is there somewhere i could find information on the winding pitch and so on just to confirm before rewinding? i would hate to put time and copper into a future paperweight. the motor is a GE 5kcr49tn2235x

ANSWER: Sorry I cannot help you with this , neither can GE.
Manufacturers will NOT release any rewind data.
Even rewind shops like ours, we always take accurate data during stripping the original winding. That includes coil pitch, # of turn per each coil, The connection of the coils, and the wire size.

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QUESTION: could you help me find information about capacitor start capacitor run motor windings. why a certain number of wraps in this specific place relative to the pole of the coil? where would be a variance in the pitch of the two windings in series with the two capacitors? and perhaps a wiring diagram of this type of motor. if I could learn a little more about winding theory perhaps i could put my fears to rest.

cap start cap run motors do not have extra windings or pole windings.
It still has one start winding and one running winding.
After the motor starts up using the start cap, the starting switch removes the start cap from the circuit.
The run cap stays in circuit in parallel with the run winding.

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