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I have a very old electric motor I would like to find out its age and worth it works great. model #108886 type bsr 832 4 1 1/2 1800 form cr volts 110-220 amp 20-10 Pat July 4,16

Well no doubt it is an old motor,  date and rated at 110-220  is way old voltage ratings,

But the microfiche data from ancient GE motors is impossible to find.

YOU might go to and see if there is anything listed on there,    or you could do kind this,  surplusrecord will let you put an advertisement on their site for free,    just put down your motor data,   also put the shaft size and the CC centers on the bolt holes,  to help identify the frame,  this a pre nema motor and might be worth something above and beyond a working motor, but hard to say,          

If it has a commutator like many of these old motors did,  it might be a repulsion induction type motor,  those are often collectible, induction motor basically covers any motor not dc,   at least back then          

I think you best way is put a faux ad  asking for your motor and see what replies you get,  if you get none,  well most likely it is more valuable   if someone has some of these motors in a warehouse somewhere,   then you will get the retail price.

Just remember there is no frame size and no frame size as part of the model so your add has to provide the mounting dimensions so it can be identified,          

Then of course you can look around on ebay, not the place I would put a lot of faith in but worth a few minutes of looking around.


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