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QUESTION: I have an old floor drill press Delta-Rockwell. It has a motor made by Doerr. I am pretty sure the starter capacitor is bad cause you have to spin the chuck by hand for it to start and you can only start it and run on slow speed other wise it just hums.I would like to keep it original if possible. Is there a chance someone would have a replacement capacitor. I talked to Delta but no luck

ANSWER: Look up a motor repair shop in your city. They will have one for sure

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QUESTION: There is only one in my city and they just wanted me to buy a new motor. Guess I will try some places in another city. Am I out of line thinking I could find one just like the one on the motor. Thankyou  for your help.

No you not out of line.We carry many starting caps, and we sell them to customers or use them when we repair single phase motors.
Im in Vanciuver Canada.
Where abouts are you in Texas. Im sure Houston, Austin etc would have motor shops. Or else just order it on line.

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