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I bought a new electric 220 motor for my metal lathe to convert it to single phase. My question is I know how to wire up the barel switch but not sure about the motor. On the wiring diagram on it it has line 1 and line 2, both hooked to separate wires, then it has 3 wires hooked to it says insulate, 3 more hooked to another insulate, and one separate one hooked to insulate. On the 2 groups of three you switch one wire on each to reverse rotation. So my question is, if line is power what does insulate mean? If it's ground how would switching the 2 wires from one set of ground to another reverse the rotation. Hope you can help guide me in the right direction. Thanks

Scott it is bad terminology          you are not alone,   good Questions     

Here is what it means, when looking at an Electric motor connection,       if they say   connect  1, 4 and 8 and insulate    it should say  connect electrically  1, 4 and 8 insulate and ISOLATE    in other words electrically connect all three stripped back ... together in a bundle,   then use a wire nut and tape,  or a lug and tape, or any clamping device and insulate that group of wires and then they just become a dog knot, and then laid aside in the box,  or get stuffed in the connection box,  

Next it says most likely to reverse 5 with 8 for rotation,       unwire  1.4 and 8    swap   8 with 5     where ever 5 is   

Take 8 out of the bundle,   put 5 in the bundle with 1. 4  and reconnect electrically and insulate and isolate from everything else,      some times it is just bundles of wires,   sometimes they do it on studs on the terminal board, then put 8 where 5 was in the same exact manner   if 5 was with 2 and 3 put 8 with them  and do the same thing  electrically connect,  insulate  and isolate,        5 and 8 are normally and NEMA assigned ends of the start circuit,    but it could be any numbers  just follow the connection diagram    for that       

But anything that says wires  x and y and z  connect and insulate   means just that....... connect electrically,  insulate with half laps of black tape or you could use mica tape  but this is probably only going to be 220 at the highest,   so just GOOD black tape and make sure if you use lugs no sharp edges can pierce the insulation,       it is just a shunted connection    no more no less,   

Again they should say  electrically connect,  these wires [whatever they are]  be it two three  four five of them........  then after you get them all touching and connected      then insulate them for 220VAC AND ISOLATE from anything else  especially GROUND    

Insulate a group of wires,  =   electrical connection,   insulation,    and then keep them away from anything else including ground        

If you need more detail use my personal email it is a bit faster  

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