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Electric Motors/Arboga E825 1Ph 220V Motor Wiring


Helping my brother with his recent purchase of mill-drill Arboga EM  825 (made  in Germany- built for Canada in late 60 or 70's).
Machine was purchased with rotary switch removed. There is number of wires from motor that need to be connected  to new  3 position  high low  rotary switch along with capacitor and start stop contactor.
Motor is integral part of machine and info on machine name plate is:
Type:EM 825
nr 14-825
1 PH 60 HZ
kW 0.66/0.48
n 3350 1680
Volt 220
Amp 4.9/3.2
There is two sets of speeds - 4 for high range and 4 for low range.Speed change
Number of leeds from motor are 7 plus ground.
Wires coming from motor color and numbers are:

Black          1
Yellow          2   P2
Silver(Gray)      3   0
Green          4
Blue          5
Brown          6
Red          ( no number).


Also there is two wires from Capacitor  20 nF disconnected.

Ohmmeter measurement:
Gray Green         4.5
Gray Yellow        6.8
Gray Blue          3.8
Gray Red          12.5
Gray Brown        14.2
Gray Black        16.2
Green Yellow      13.5
Green Blue         8.3
Green Red         13.7
Green Black       17.5
Green Brown        9.0
Brown Blue        11.0
Brown Yellow       5.6
Brown Red          2.1
Brown Black        2.1
Blue Yellow        7.1
Blue Red          10.4
Blue Black        12.7
Yellow Red         4.1
Yellow Black       7.9
Red Black          4.8

I do not have wiring diagram for this mill-drill.
I am looking for information how to properly indentify wires  and test motor.
Hope you can help guide me in the right direction. Thanks

This is one complex device,   trying to ohm that out on a workbench would be hours and hours,  if not days    

Any chance at all of finding the original wiring diagram?

Is the two sets of speeds based off a mechanical selection?   In other words is there a lower gear ration,  then a higher gear ration then four speeds each?

This is a ton and the fast way is to find the original diagram,    I can tell you the higher values are likely start circuit   and the lower are run circuit,      but a ladder diagram needs to be made from these values using the windings in the ladder,      no small task,    

It can be done,  but it will take time,      is there a decent motor shop near you,   they should be able to put variable low voltage to the windings and create the circuits without using full voltage,       maybe 40 or 50 volts,   if the ladder diagram starts reversing or some other issue,

That link is a parts breakout,  not any help with the motor but might be a help if you don't have it for other issues,

above link list a distributor for the parts,   may have a manual for the wiring

Link above HAS THE ELECTRICAL DIAGRAMS  price $35.00  if it has the motor connections and should  it will be the best $35.00 spent to figure this out,  

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