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I'm having an issue with the this motor. Whenever it turns on, the motor begins making a rattling noise. I changed the belt and realized the rattling is being caused inside the motor. It's the spinning gear(I think that's what's it called) on the inside of the motor. It rattles and bangs on the motor edge. Is there anything I can do to fix this or am I better of getting a new motor. If so, where can I replace this motor or am I better off getting a different type of motor. If so, what kind? The motor is used to control an HVAC booster fan. Thanks in advance.

Roberto,   we had four booster fan motors go bad within one year, on a Carrier system.

As odit is a booster fan, it is OEM to the manufacturer of the furnace,   as critical as this motor is,   you will need to order a new motor and it will be  a part number of the furnace.

So if it were a Trane,  it would be part number  xxxxxxxxx    Booster fan   

Same thing if were a Carrier again it would be part number XXXXXXX     Booster fan.

I am not sure what is banging around in there,   about all that could be is the centrifugal switch and the rotor body,,  and any internal fan,      but if it is banging on the motor shell or frame it about has to be an internal fan,        

No matter what it is,  if something has been hammering in the motor interior, it is not cost effective to do anything but replace it     replace it OEM   from the OEM<     

It won't be the cheapest motor, but trying to save a buck on an OEM motor  99% of the time, ends up costing more in diagnostic charges,  shipping some off brand copy, back and forth, plus your labor,        

In this case it is best to just bite the bullet and order a booster fan motor  by part number.  the serial number shoud be enough to get the correct fan,  from the Manufacture of the FURNACE      

If you have problems ordering it,  let me know  I will figure out why and what to do about it,


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