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Have a Fasco 115v 1/2 HP Rotation CWLE typeU2481. This motor is on a air door. It will hum then will start but runs backward most of time. Other times will run correct direction. When humming can see fan moving just a little in both directions before it starts. This motor has a start capasitor. I never had this issue before. Help me if would. Thanks Larry

Larry,  I am not finding the U2481 in a Fasco,  possible reasons it is an OEM proprietary motor, the D could be a U,  the 8 could be a B,  but you say it has a start cap,    not a metal run cap,   in that case it is not a PSC  permanent split capacitor motor, it is a split phase or cap start split phase,  

Regardless  when a motor exhibits the behavior you describe the START CIRCUIT is open    it could be the capacitor, switch, jumper, or winding,          

If you can give it a spin when under power and oscillating,   it will take off in the direction that it is pushed toward,    

Now the challenge is to isolate what part of the start CIRCUIT is open,     starting with the capacitor as it is the simplest and less intrusive part and the most likely candidate,    

An ohm meter [analog] will tell you if the capacitor is open, but not necessarily a good capacitor,  if it is truly a start plastic case capacitor,   look for the small relief hole on the top by the lugs,  if it is puffed out, raised up or blown open, then for sure the cap is bad, but it may be a cap and a bad start contact,        but get the cap checked,   first,    then if it checks out,  you look for a bad, connection to the switch,   or relay   as I cannot find that model I cannot tell you if it has a centrifugal switch and a stationary switch,  or just how it is constructed,   but a corroded connection can act like an open,  so look for the simple stuff first,          

Check me on the model,    they print the models on paper nameplates sometimes and they get all marred up and impossible to read,      Fasco is known more for PSC motors, and split phase motors than cap start motors, but it could be,     regardless   look to the cap first  and prove it    a motor shop can throw it on a cap tester and tell you in 10 seconds,    but if you get nothing on an analog ohm meter    reverse the leads   see if it charges up on the 10,000 times scale and when you reverse the leads it should bleed off,  that will tell you it is not open but still may be bad       but likely it would tend to stay towards one rotation even with a weak cap,   this one is showing a complete open,         in THE START CIRCUIT<  

From there if you dont find an obvious open somewhere let me know and we will get in depth about what to do next  

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