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I have a G.E electric.dryer model DDE5311G  Phase L1+L2 /220 volts .what it needs to be done in order to work ,on Phase L3  /220 volts /Hz50 cycles in Europe.  change motor?    what model ? or run with a convertor ? what type?  or special dedicated circuit .thanks minos

Minos   are you saying you only have three phase,  and the dryer is single phase?

If so,  the safest bet is to get a motor that is for the voltage available,but the controls for three phase would be different and need to be changed too,    

  but Europe should have single phase 220,   look on the dryer and see if says    50/60 hertz on the nameplate, if it does say that,   you should be able to get 220 volts single phase 50 hertz off of the existing power that is there in Europe,          

Line to line    the dryer needs 220 volts      simple as that   and if it says 50/60 hertz rated then no problems at all,          

Can you get a photo of the nameplate and send it to me?

That would be a big help so I can figure out what is going on,  most times it is simply just take single phase Europe power and go   but I really need to know if it says 50/60 like most do.

See if you can get a nameplate photo and lets try to see if the existing motor will be OK to use  and not cost you a small fortune changing motors that don't need changed,  

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