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I have a leland repulsion motor that is single phase 220 volt There is a Black,Red, and Green wire. This motor is on an Elevator for a residence. How do I wire this motor to bench test in shop.

Can you get ohm readings off the windings,       like this      r---50----g----50---b

NO telling what the colors might be but you are looking for a common wire,    the one in the middle whatever color would be the common if from it to any other color are the same   then the "outside" two would be the sum of the whole winding,  with the common in the middle,

The only thing I dont like is green,   but it may be old or someone replaced the leads,  green should always be frame ground,  but I have seen plenty with green as a winding,   just make sure first,   

If it is truly off an elevator  then it reverses   maybe instantly   so likely all three are winding leads,        once you find common,     say it is green,     green to red one direction      green to black the other          

You can use 110 or less if you have a way to reduce voltage   to test with  but probably about half the nameplate will be needed        

Let me know if you find anything different   but identify the common as above and if it works out, then you can clamp it down      it will try and twist       and put 220 to it,  measure the current  at full voltage if it is below full load  you got it,

Any PROBLEMS AT ALL,    let me know and we will work it out,  

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