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I have a old emerson electric motor rotating in wrong direction. its ac current. There is no wireing diagram within, also no markings on connecters. the wires are all the same inside, no question is one of the wires is bare and apparently lost insulation from rubbing on coil inside. could this be causing the drum to spin in reverse? It works fine, it is for a wet grinder and the water it being splashed up in the air instead of down into the resivoir.

Mike it could be    so you are you saying the motor was running the correct direction and now is not?

A bare wire sounds more like a chassis ground,   but you see rubbing        I would think if rubbed and touched it would blow a fuse not reverse       

No motor shop near you,   if this is on a wet grinder it could be special to the grinder and a vanilla motor off the shelf is not going to fit, without a bunch of fuss,          

Can you tape up this bare spot and kinda sew some tape around it      then see what it does?

Past that it needs to go to a motor shop, there should be some sort of motor shop to help you out,         wet grinder could be a pretty big motor,       if you want you can always mail it to me,    I will find the problem   people mail us motors all the time from all over,   most use those prepaid USPS boxes,          it just depends on if you have someone trust worthy near you    and should,     but if not, send me a photo   I would say the diagnosis would run $75.00 and if repaired that is applied to the repair,     not $75 plus repair,   

But try and see if you can wrap up or isolate that rubbed wire    and lets see what happens,    

Yea the wiring is probably all the same    it is common,    look on the very ends of any eyelets sometimes they stamp numbers or letters right on the spades or eyelets,       

Also a photo of the connections shooting down into the junction area of the motor,     so I can see what the bare looks like and see if I can figure anything out,  also a photo of any nameplate, part of   whatever,    the lid on the connection box often has a connection diagram and can be covered with gunk     or just worn off,   but if covered we might get lucky        so start there if you can with a couple photos        leads,   any nameplate and the entire motor best you can     

we will go from there  

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