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Kenmore washer motor model-3349643 1/2 HP- 115 volts amps-9.3
Hertz- 60 RPM-1725 Thermally protected
189-227 MFD 110 VAC manufactured in 846A9

My question is concerning the wiring of the capacitor. I have it wired like this- hot lead going to a red wire and a blue wire. My white neutral wire is going to a yellow wire and a white wire. Motor will start up and run without the capacitor. I have 2 red wires coming from the capacitor. One is connected to the hot wire of the plug to the outlet which is the blue wire and red wire.The green wire is grounded.Where does the other end of the other red capacitor wire go? Thank you.

Jack I am going to need some kind of schematic for this motor circuit,    how they routed things is anyone's guess and there are no standard colors for washer motors,  Sears different from Maytag,   Ge might have a private label from who knows,    

Sounds like a one value capacitor,   so that should help,        how did all these wires get all loose?

Without a schematic of some sort,  even hand drawn,  would help,  I could guess forever  as colors just mean nothing

The motor starting up without the cap is not unusual  under load it would probably not start,    

So what is the history of all this  maybe that will help me figure out what came from where,      did it come to you unwired and left in your hands to figure out?

Wish I had a quick and easy answer to the red wire but I don't.

Maybe some photos would help too, if you can get a camera back down in there,     the more I see of the circuit the more it might make sense,    

Send me anything you can,  I cannot just guess and blow up a cap or burn a terminal off,  probably the worst that would happen,       but regardless  lets get a schematic  hand drawn,  a copy off the back of the unit,     and or some photos    with any of that  there might be an   aw haw  moment in here

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