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I have a pv2667r motor and I would like to know where I would be able to find the specs on it,if possible.
It is a 24v.

Wow,  I know of Redmond motors, I believe out of business or bought up by some other large manufacturer    

The Redmond electric motor is a vintage item. It was first manufactured in 1928 in Owosso, Michigan. By 1941 the manufacturer, the A.G. Redmond Company, had produced more than two million electric motors. Although the motors are no longer manufactured, Redmond electric motors are still in circulation.

Normally I believe used on automotive type applications,  window motors, that kind of thing,

So likely it is DC or universal,   at that voltage it is even more likely it is automotive duty of some kind,       as 24 is common for auto, or tractor or other transportation type use.   

That model could be for an OEM,   as Redmond did mostly custom motors for specific applications,  not vanilla motors for general purpose,        

You need the specs,    so you are looking for full load current,  service factor, ambient rise, that kind of thing?

You can try    they will let you put an ad for free under  wanted    and maybe someone will have one for parts or have a full nameplate with the remaining data   but as far as a catalog  it is going to be one of those searches,  internet library,  so on,    until you find Redmond,  then work your way back to that exact model or serial number,       

Sorry I cannot be more help,   it is just going to take putting an ad asking for one,  looking through vintage motor sites,   ebay  all that,      

If the motor components are in working order,  you can find out a general idea of the current, at no load if you use say half  then not to far from full amp rating,    but most are going to be intermittent duty   my guess  as most auto type electric motors are intermittent duty  on for a few seconds  like a starter then off,  not a constant running motor,        

I will look around and if I find anything I will let you know,     but do try the ad  it is free and if someone has one out there   they will send you an offering price and hopefully some more data that fits your id number,

We also repair antique and vintage motors, wind old magnetos,  so if you cannot find someone locally to go through it if you need that,   let me know,  we get old vintage stuff all the time.  Glad to give a  once over and if it needs any repair we will send you a price to do whatever including fabricating any parts that may no longer be available   at least an option          


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