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I have a Leeson 1.5hp and desire 110v usage. The diagram on the motor shows five leads to connect...P1, P2, T2, T3, and T4. But..there are eight leads present...adding T1, T1, and T8. I need CCW rotation. As per diagram I have connected...(P1 to 110v), (insulated P2 to T3), and (T2 and T4 to Neutral). I cannot find info as to where the other three leads go.

T8 and T2 come from the capacitor, and a T2 goes from the capacitor to the starting switch...I assume.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Conventional lead numbers for coil groups are:
for the run winding
T1 end is T2
T3 end is T4

For the start winding
T5 end is T8.

For 110V
L1 goes to (T1 and T3), and T5
L2 goes to T2 and T4) and T8
To reverse interchange T5 and T8

P1 and P2 are wires coming from the thermal protector.
Usually T1 and T2 are connected to the thermal and P1 and P2 come out,
Thus try the above connection first . If it works good.
then substitute Pi for P2 etc if you still want the thermal in circuit.

Hope this helps

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