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I have a remote control malfunction for my adjustable bed. The feet will raise and lower but not the head.  I have changed the battery.  It is totally wireless. It has model no R2-T on the back of the remote and FCC ID of JN3R 2-T.  The front of the remote has the name the bon marche.  I have been unable to find a dealer to go to for this.  This remote does have some age on it.  So if unable to repair is there another remote that I can purchase for adjusting this bed?

Sherry,  we would probably do better if we had the info from the bed itself,   Bon Marche is a French Term meaning Good Market or Fine Market and is also the name of an original store in Paris, and then several other stores in the US,    

You can try

And pick out a generic universal remote control,

or you will find a hundred videos, if you are handy on you tube on how to repair your current remote  sample below:

Or you can purchase a repair kit:

or you can try this repair shop specializing in adjustable bed remotes

or you can send the remote to this company

What you DONT want is anything off EBAY,

You can also try a local tv repair shop if you have one locally,  

It is likely a button contact  but, a lesser chance it is in the board inside,  a shorted component on the board,  which would require some expertise to deal with,   

Most likely sending it to the last link is the better option,  but if you send me the nameplate info of the bed itself  I can probably get you closer,    

But a learning remote from a best buy,  and some patience may get the job done, but that will be a costly remote that learns the IR commands,     and if it is old it is likely IR [infared] versus RF  [radio frequency]

I would try to find a nameplate or manual on the frame itself,  as often the frames even old ones are somewhat generic,    with private labels such as yours,   

Let me know how you get along or send me the data off the frame and that should narrow it down a lot,  

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