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Electric Motors/Electric 115 VAC motor from R&D trimmer


I opened it and motor's brush was fixed. I see 3 wires on the motor,
2 leading to each of the brushes (both black). And 1 connected to the bundle of wire on top, colored white. How to reconnect them to the black (hot) and white? I should have taken picture. Thanks.

Mohamed  so you have "fixed" brushes?   Explain....       What happened here  did the power cord come loose or what?

I have very little information to work with but if there is an original power cord,   the device operates in one direction,  [which it should]     the stationary fields are either magnets or wound fields,     this would make it a series motor,  

Hot and white make no difference to AC MOTORS,    ONLY DC    

With no more info than I have   the armature  [brushes]  go to black and the white to white,       

But I really need more info   they make these things in all kinds of configurations, but to answer your question  the armature goes in series with the stationary fields,         

You really need to write me back and explain some history with photos  or   guess       the worst is you try brushes to black and white to white   if it works great if not     we dig deeper,  

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