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Electric Motors/wiring what I believe to be a Universal motor


loadedtoad wrote at 2014-09-30 15:45:55
Oldish thread but may help someone

Got one of these on the bench at moment from a Bendix different coloured wires though.

8 wires going to motor ignore 2 yellow speed sensor wires

leave the 2 wires joined up joined together.

Live in to a brush

Other brush connect to 1 of remaining 2 wires

Connect last wire to Neutral

Should run up to full speed.

If it runs the wrong way swap the last 2 wires over.

As mentioned a bit quick for a lathe but you could get a speed control kit for about 20 quid (Maplins UK) but might reduce Torque.(Brush motor not ideal really)

Clamp it to bench.

Earth it as well.

If youre not 100% sure what your'e doing leave this kinda stuff alone.

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