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Hello, I have a vintage Craftsman "mill" motor that was recently disassembled to clean/lube the bearings.  However...when putting the motor back together, I can't be sure I got the order of spacers, rings, felts, etc in the right order.  The motor barely turns when powered up.  It seems like it's in the "run mode" and not the "start mode" to spin the motor up.  Any assist would be greatly appreciated.  Thanx.

Carl  does it spin freely by hand?  If so check you have a small amount of axial endplay  most likely you have the rotor shimmed to far in one direction holding the internal start switch open so it is trying to start on the run winding,   you will have to remove all axial spacers,  assemble the motor, push the rotor back and forth until it starts,  if that fixes it   that is all it is,     or you could have it bound up with the shims in one end, or with spring loaded washers on one end   it will be trial and error  start with none,   then play with it and look to make sure the switch contacts are closed and get back to me  

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