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Electric Motors/wiring what I believe to be a Universal motor


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Hi Will,
     I have a motor which came from a Zanussi Washer / Dryer
 I hope to use it to drive a " MYFORD ' Model Makers Lathe

Motor label  SOLO.
Type 20584.024 AC
220/240V 50Hz. 300/1400 RPM

Wires no 1 Black. Windings
No 2 blank
No 3 yellow Speed sensor
No 4 yellow. Speed sensor
No 5 brown Windings. Then looped through plug to no 6
No 6 white. Windings then looped through plug to no 5
No 7. White. Windings
No 8 blue. Brushes
No Brushes
No 10. Grey Windings

Hope this helps

Sorry Michael,  washer motors are generally not universal,  a universal motor is a motor that has wound fields in series with the armature,    and will run on either AC or DC,  this is an OEM washer motor,   the only way you will be able to tell what is what is to find the washer schematic,  or take the motor apart and identify the windings visually,  or play around with it and hope you can pick a run winding and a start winding,

you have a huge speed range with one cycle rating of 50  so that leaves out some sort of frequency drive,  so maybe it is universal,  but why the extra windings for a universal motor?

14,000 RPM is very critical that all fits and alignment internal an external to the motor are right on the dime,   3600 is bad enough  let alone this kind of top speed,    

most washer motors are multiple speed, instantly reversing motors with all kinds of speed sensors and other attachments to go through all the various cycles of a washer   

You might run it down to a motor shop,  a good shop if they will mess with it,  should be able to figure it out in not much time,      but I would have no idea or way to know where to start,     

The colors are OEM not IEC or NEMA   so no help there,   how the brushes are configured I would have to see, and determine what kind of motor they used,  

Then it is bound to instantly reverse,  maybe a brake or dynamic braking,   

I found this but doubt it applies    but take a look

most likely this was controlled by some kind of special power supply that varied voltage or maybe even frequency    a very complex motor for a lathe      you would probably be better off with a motor either multiple speed or single speed depending on what you are going to be doing on the lathe  with a standard power supply  not dealing with a top speed rating of 14,000      

Wish I could be of help but these washer specialty motors are always complicated and this one is no exception

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