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The button to make the bed vibrate is missing.  Is it possible to get a replacement button.  I took it a part and the mechanism works but I need the stem that reaches to the outside when it is put back together. If it is possible to get the missing part where do I go to get it.   The Serial # is XL1191-157348 and the Model # is K-CB/T-PWP-C-V23 Lt Oak. Dean

Dean,  frustrating to have one button fail,  otherwise it would be a working unit,    

I have seen some generic packages of remote replacement buttons, made more for when the lettering or icon wears off and is unreadable,    but it has been a while,  you can do a search on "remote control replacement parts" and see if anything shows up in your area or you can order on line.  

As to model and serial numbers,  start with the bed model,  then drill down to the remote model and serial,  I hold little hope that a remote model number will produce a single button,    the cost to stock and track a single  button with or without some sort of lettering on the button itself,  would be so expensive  they would have to charge what you could for a entire new control.

Here are some other suggestions,     go to radio shack,   see if they have a generic remote that will learn all the functions,  those are normally pretty cheap if you can find one that will learn your IF codes,    or move up and find an IR to RF Remote then no direct line of site and maybe no tether, using a button from a non tethered control is possible and vice versa, but be certain you are getting the same configuration of button with stem,      might be doable and convenient.

Look for  home repair instructions for remotes,  here is one,  that might link you to parts:


Next there are several services you can send the remote to, to have rebuilt,  maybe if you get the right person and they have a button they might stick in an envelope for nothing,  

Or send the whole thing to them,  many charge $50.00 and you get all new buttons, the sender electronics, and a good cleaning and a warranty.

Here is one example:


They have everything from new to used remotes to parts to rebuild services.  [remember key off the BED MODEL FIRST    not sure what these model and serial numbers are you provided , I am guessing off the remote itself,  those numbers might be needed later, but you will have to come up with the bed model first,   in most cases.

http://www.newremotecontrol.com/shipping_info.htm   again  just in case

EBAY  again  bed model first most likely the remote model without knowing the make and model of the bed is going to be a long search and likely a waste of time.

Is it an Othropedic, Ultramatic, Seally  so on,?

Careful with ebay as always  but you might find an entire new or used or new surplus remote for the bed itself for not much    or maybe you find a scrapper that has some buttons left ?  

When I searched the model I found this:


Appears to be an Ultramatic vintage 1993  if that helps,   

But everyone will ask for the bed make and model so get that in hand before searching the sites above for parts or new remotes,     they will all start there   

With beds it is often pretty common to find a learning IR remote,   but if this is corded then you are looking at something OEM,  old parts,  old stock,  so on,   

So that is about it,  either find a part at the link I sent or do another search for a remote repair company,  and hopefully they have a button to sell you,  or find a used one on ebay or elsewhere      

I only sent one repair link, you seem to understand the workings so you most likely don't need instructions but just in case there is one   of hundreds ,,,,,,,,,,,,

Good luck and if you run into problems let me know and I will help dig more


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