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can I reverse the existing motor rotation by changing the field winding connections?

Roger no way I can come up with that model and tell you what will be involved. The overall answer is yes,   and you use the term field windings which is normally a DC Motor term,  I believe this is an AC single phase motor,        and have no idea if you will have to go into the motor to reverse the direction or if it can be done externally,   there is another trick if this is a PSC motor,    where there is one run capacitor,  and no internal starting switch.

And that is to remove the rotor     make SURE you keep track of the thrust washers   and swap the rotor from end to end,   but only on PSC motors where there is no chance of any internal switches,    if there is an internal fan   those old GEs should be straight blade,  but if they are slanted to one direction then be careful you get a fan and vents all lined up to cool,   but that would be really lucky   

I really need the data plate or a couple photos or the data info and the numbers on the external leads and how many might be on a terminal block    without that we could guess for days,   

GE made so many OEM motors no one trusts the model,   without seeing the actual motor,   and how many leads,  is it cap start,  PSC,  cap start cap run,  DC?

Bottom line is yes, but how much fuss depends on what the motor is and if it is the same as when manufactured, or has it been altered down the road?

Any name plate info?   It should say  cc rotation or ccw rotation  or some sort of signal that it is reversible?   Most say  rev   or    cc rot   or ccw rot      meaning looking at the shaft straight on,   

Send me some photos of the data plate  motor  and connection box or leads and we can get a lot closer to what to do.


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