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QUESTION: Hello I have a 3 phase 480V motor in a Class 1/ Div 2 area and I was told on an audit that this is not an explosion proof motor and needs to be changed.  The motor is a Baldor CP3554T, Des B, Class F, Code J.  Is the auditor correct, or will this motor comply with the classification, and how can I prove it? Thank you

ANSWER: Division - defines how often the potentially explosive materials are present during normal operating conditions.
   Division 1: Ignitable concentrations are present all or most of the time
   Division 2: Ignitable concentrations are not likely to be present during normal operation

Above is taken from Baldor site.
Class 1 and Div 2 is classified as an xp motor on their site. What are the Groups listed on the nameplate?

Go to baldor site and read through the whole page.

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QUESTION: Thank you.  I had read through that site before, however the motor I have is quite old and I couldn't find the cat number to verify.  Also, would this follow under the exemption in 500.125 (B) that allows a non explosion proof motor without brushes to be used? Thank you

Based on the nameplate this is not an XP motor, unless there is another nameplate that bares the UL or CSA marking with the Class, Div, and groups. I am in Canada, and if an XP motor does not have the UL or CSA XP nameplate, that motor cann not be instalkled and connected by an electrician in and XP environment.

I am not familiar with the 500... ruling
Looking at the nameplat it is a chemical protected corrosion proof motor which is not an XP motor.

hope this helps.  

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