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Hello there, my husband has a Invacare Action Power 9000 electric wheelchair. The motors on his chair were both 2 pole motors. One motor went bad and we purchased a Invacare, model number 1123951 (Eurton Electric manufacture). The serial number is 00799, the date code is 200506A, Huafeng part # DG-125A. We think it is a 4 pole motor, it works on the chair but doesn't operate as the other wheel. Can we disconnect 2 of the wires on the 4 pole motor and make it adaptable for the chair. Thanks for your time and have a good day.

The total HP or KW of a motor is determined in many way,  I am not sure why the conversion from 2 poles to 4   however,   if  2 motors are rated 1 KW  and one is 2 pole and the other 4,  it takes all the poles to produce the output kw,     It is possible,  but proprietary information for design reasons,   they are not going to reveal their intentions, In other words maybe they did make both a two and four pole motor for different applications and then   one of the worst tricks in the motor business is the nameplate data,     

I would say no,  it takes all four poles to produce the output KW       

What does the manufacturer say?   If the four pole is the replacement   either they expect the user to replace controller and everything,  to adapt the chair,       

This is more a question for the manufacturer,    I can only assume  all things being equal  that the four poles are half the strength or there about   of the two,         

as these are DC motors  synchronous speed is a long involved discussion with no answer as we have no idea what they had in mind,  or why they sold you a four pole motor versus a two,  

Are you postive the remaining untouched motor is still operating correctly?

As one motor has failed,  has the other ?      Possible the last existing motor has worn brush springs,  a commutator in need of repair,  worn springs, etc     draining the power to both   

I would be curious to hear their answer,   as to why they would replace a motor which is different from the existing,        but there is no information available to the general public for their proprietary design,  but you would think  they would provide a motor that matches the other without such a serious modification,     

YOU could try  both motors no load,    see what the no load current is, and then decide if there is room to chance it,     but that is about all you could do,   

I would like to know what they have to say  

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