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I have a Dayton, model# 9K128D, 1/4 hp, 1725 rpm, frame 48, 60 hz,FLA is 4.6, INS CL is "B"KVA Code "T", single phase electric motor. The mtr. ref. number is: S55BYK-6550.I've looked all over the internet but could find no info on it. It's in like-new condition and I was wondering if it could be rigged up to pump water uphill from a creek to irrigate a dozen apple trees. Under "duty' it says 'CONT DP'.
I don't know exactly what that stands for; is it continuous duty??
Any info you could give me would be much appreciated!! Thank you in advance for your time.....Jay

Cont DP means it is continous duty open drip proof.

1/4HP may not be large enough for a pump to lift it up hill and have sufficient flow of water.
First you have to figure out gallons per minute of water required, and then the height of the lift, and then flow rate.
best is to talk to a pump company.

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