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QUESTION: I'm installing new brush holders on a 24v 1.99hp 4 pole DC motor for a scooter. And need to know what order to put them in ?

ANSWER: Brush holders can only go in where ever the hardware allows them.
Install the brush holders and set the gap between the holder and the commutator to approx 1/8"
There is no specific order which you install first.

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QUESTION: What kind of epoxy or loctite would you use to secure the brush holders ? And I heard there s some kind of pin tool to align perfectly ? What do you attach the power lines to on the brush holder or brushes ? Any help would be great thanks.

I believe you are talking about the loctite to secure the wire into the carbon brush?
The copper wire is held in a hole drilled in the brush and then special copper powder or granules are filled in followed by a small tube to "hammer" in the granules which lock the wire or shunt in place. Then you can put a drop of crazy glue on this,

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