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Hello Will, Please could you indicate how would you would wire this motor to the UK's 240V 50Hz mains supply, needed for polishing stainless steel?
PHOTOS of wiring box and wiring diagram attached.
MOTOR PLATE details are: GEC Alpak Stayrite 1ph motor / Size: D90L / No: S27231001 / 1.1 kW / r/min: 2900 / Duty type: S1 / A(mps?) 7.7 / Class: B / Enclosure: TEFV / ....
WIRES and TERMINALS in photo of box are numbered on diagram.
No other controls, buttons, switches, etc. are evident.
RESISTANCES in Ohms between the 4 terminals U1, U2, 3 and 4 are:
U1-U2, 3.4.
U1-3, 3.5.
U1-4, 11.6.
U2-3, 0.9.
U2-4, 12.5.
3-4, 13.4.
I hope that this is enough detail. Thanks and regards.

Should really be U1 U2 U3 U4   for 240 volt UK most of the time they jumper 2-3 as a series connection  and use U1 and U4 as line,   

Looks like this was measured with caps in the circuit which gives very funky resistance values and it appears there is no individual start winding

that is a long link  above

below is a Sta Rite pdf with connections

If you cannot pick a 90 series out of the links or the lines to 1 4 with 2-3 connected and isolated   then call

Pentair should be able to give you the connection over the phone,  

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