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I'm building a shop fan from an old fan shroud and motor and need to know how to wire.  Can this motor support a rheostat?

You want variable speed?

The model looks like a three phase motor.  IF it is a shop with three phase you can use a VFD   Variable Frequency Drive,

If it is single phase there is not much speed control, no matter what you do other than something mechanical,

IF you already have the motor and it is three phase,  and you don't have three phase to your shop you can still use a VFD  with the capability to change single phase to three phase and then vary the frequency.

Is this simply a shop fan for general air removal?  A VFD would work fine.

If it is to remove wood dust, paint fumes, any type of combustible fumes you will need to deal with explosion proofing of most everything,  including switches and

That serial number even looks like it may be an explosion proof motor.  Hard to say with GE motors, trying to track the specifics of the motor by serial number is nearly impossible.

Your search - 5KH3XLA0943 GE motor - did not match any documents.

You would not want to use a stat to control the speed by dropping the voltage.  If it is single phase a two speed motor could work,  a three phase with a VFD  but a stat would only be a possible choice if the motor is DC  where you would vary the armature circuit,  

Speed control of motors by dropping voltage is rarely a workable option,   

A multiple sized drive pulley, might work, or a variable pulley might work,    

Again, if you are evacuating any possible combustibles, you need to think about explosion proofing and that will not be inexpensive,   however, to not consider it, is asking for big time problems ,   many build home shops and run wood working machinery,  unfortunately they do not realize how explosive wood dust can be,  along with paints and other shop type fumes that can be extremely flammable.

You might provide me the motor name plate data and from there I can give you some suggestions on how to vary the speed, but a stat, unless it is a very small PSC motor, and not much of fan, would a rheostat even provide very limited speed control and no NO torque control,  

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