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I recently purchased an A.O. Smith C426V1 3/4 hp, 1725 rpm, 208-230/115 volts, 56 frame, ODP enclosure, ball bearing capacitor start motor and a Salzer up/off/down switch #P220-SE1438 with the numbers 21383 and FA 6D2691 on the wiring instructions.  I don't know how to hook the forward and reverse to the motor.  I know how to hook up the wires from the outlet to the switch and from the switch to the motor but I don't know how to hook up the forward and reverse when you get to the motor.

I see this is a poor diagram  makes no sense to me,  

Firs thing is to get the motor connected for the voltage you want,    5 and 8 motor leads are the start windings and the two that will need to be swapped for direction,      

I see a lot of Salzer but they give connections for GE lesson and others   and then the other way  they give the motors but no Salzer brand switches,

above East Bay motors

Might be the simple way to call the help desk at the number in the link above as there does not seem to be anything Salzer to AO Smith  but there are for GE Leeson so on,  

Rated data (IEC 60947) international specs  AO smith but not Salzer

this last one is about as generic as it gets,      again drill down to and make up the voltage connections per the motor, and then the rest should be no more than reversing 5 and 8   

Past that I would call the Salzer help desk and tell them you have an AO smith motor   which is not in any diagrams I  see and the one supplied makes no sense at all,     if the help desk at Salzer is no good let me know, and I will have you send me the AO smith diagram on the motor and a photo of the switch itself  

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