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Hi Harcharan,
I have a Leeson 1 Hp low (115V) brakemotor (Cat #11005800) in use as as a cargo rail hoist, presently controlled by a Square D 2601-AD2 drum switch. It runs from the dock 80ft to the top of a hill near the cottage to save carrying materials/groceries from the boat dock by hand.  Works great! but.....
Problems -
1- it can only be operated using the drum switch at the top of the hill - requiring two people/multiple trips up and down to call/load/move the dolly etc.

2- the application requires a limit switch at both ends to avoid contacting the dock/deck at the top

I have been advised that a "reversing starter" plus two 3 button reversing switches will work (but very expensive for a non-commercial lighter duty application at a cottage).

My question then is can/how ? would I simply use two identical Square D drum switches/pendant stations? with one at top/one at bottom - and.....then how would I include the two limit switches in the circuit ? (one in the "up" and one in the "down" circuits).

I do understand you will provide general advice/possible circuit suggestions only - that it is the local electrician installing this to confirm/be responsible for this installation.

thank you for your time and expertise

I think connecting 2 identical drum switches in parallel should work.
Always put the switched being activated to OFF postion before using the other one.

Not sure about the limit switches. I believe if the neutral is connected to a NC contact of a limit switch it should open the circuit once the trolley reaches it and pushes the button or arm.
Check with the electrician how it would be wired properly.

Hope this works. see attached dwg.

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