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Electric Motors/Wiring for Grizzly Dust Collector


Data Plate and Capacitor
Data Plate and Capacit  

Switch & Motor wiring
Switch & Motor wiring  
I recently purchased a used older model Grizzly Dust Collector and have an electrical concern.  The motor's data plate reads 220V, but the plug is a standard 110V.  This threw red flags; did someone convert the motor in the past or did they just change the plug?  The motor does work with its current 110V plug, but it takes a little time to spin up to speed...but that seems to be normal on dust collectors.  Not satisfied, I opened the electrical panels on the switches and motor, but nothing is obvious to me.  Also, there is no wiring diagram on the inside covers or anywhere on the machine.  

I've attached several images of the accessible wires and capacitors in hopes that you can help me understand if this motor is fine/safe in it's current configuration or should I change the plug and connect it to a 220V circuit.

I beleive it is a 220V motor only. Thats why it is slow to ramp up to speed.
The cap is 120V, which is tied to the mid point of the run winding .
Somebody stuck a standard 120V plug but must have run it on 230V.

You have to change the plug and use 230V supply.

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