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Electric Generator  
We are preparing for a science fair, and this is our first time. We are doing a mega project, which involves creation of an electric generator. We watched several Internet videos and tutorials, and depending on it, we made some models, none of them works :(. Can you please clarify us the problem.
1st Model:
We tried to generate electricity by spinning a "donet shaped" Magnet infront of coil wires. It failed.
2nd Model:
We made several small coil winding, and the stick it around a "donut shaped" magnetic core. Again failed.
3rd Model:
We made a wire core. The wire core is made from plastic cylinder. We put 4 small iron pieces around the plastic cylinder, then wined coil around them. Each iron piece has 50 rounds. So total of 200 rounds. When we rotate it to generate electricity, nothing happens, we spind it really fast by connecting it to a drill.
When we apply current, it gives some movement without any rotation.
Please help us.
Thank you.

ANSWER: you have to wind the coil on an iron form. then you need a fixed magnet on a shaft that has about 0.5 to 1mm air gap between the magnet face and the iron pole face.

Then use the drill to spin the shaft. There will a certain value of volateg generated in the coil.

This is the same system used on a small lawnmower engine ignition system.

Hope it works for you.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for the quick reply. Can you please clarify the following information:
1- We removed coil from a used water motor, will it be OK to use?
2- Is the thickness of the coil matters?
3- We are using donut shaped magnet, Diameter is around 8.5 cm. Inner hole diameter is around 4 cm.
4- Coil wire thickness is 0.5 mm. So how many turns do we need to generate 1.5 Volts?
5- If p[possible, Can you please send us a plan with details.
Thanks in Advance.


I found a very simple version of a gen shows video how to build it.

actual site is

You must duplicate exactly the same as the video and it will work.
wire is #30. Wrap 250 turns of wire.

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