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QUESTION: I have the following motor:
Delco Rodframe, model M440A1
1/4 HP, Type SP, 110V, 60 Cycles, RPM 1725, 4.0 Amps
Made in Canada by McKinnon Industries, Ltd.

Please refer to the attached photo; I labelled and disconnected all wires and found the following resistances:

Wire on #2 terminal had about 29 ohms to the light colored wire on #1 terminal. Wire on #4 terminal had about 2 ohms to the dark colored wire on #1 terminal. No other continuities were found but these resistances seemed to vary as if some capacitor was charging and discharging.

The motor came on a jointer but was disconnected. I would like to know where to attach NEUTRAL, HOT and GROUND. Thank you.

ANSWER: Seems like term 1 is common
110V olt motor?

N to 31

L2 to #2 & 4

if not split the wires on #1 and then measure the resistance .
with 4 wires should have 2 circuits.

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QUESTION: I'm sorry, but I don't understand the answer.
The motor is a 110V motor.
You said N to 31, but there is no 31 (see photo).
You said L2 to #2 &4, but is L2 not NEUTRAL?
Where should the HOT (L1) be connected?
I do have two circuits as stated in my 2nd paragraph.

l1 or L2 can be HOT. N is neutral I wanted to hit the number sign but didnt hit the shift key so it went to 31
should be #1

Try connecting Neutral to #1 which I think is common.

Then L1 (HOT) goes to 2 and 4.

The 2 circuits should be a run winding and start winding.
The start winding has a higher resistance lets say 29 ohms.
The run winding will be approx. 20 or less ohms.

You measured 2 ohms which seems like the the circuit through the start switch inside the motor.

Thats why I asked you to open the common point and see if there 2 circuits other than the 2 ohm one.

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