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I need the wiring combination for this motor. cw and ccw the following is all info on motor.. first, motor is on a coffing hoist.looks new inside no burned odor.Capacitor is good because hoist ran in one direction and released brake.I wired to a factory drawing and now buzzes in both directions (no movement) and releases brake . Contactor is working properly for up and down.I charged capacitor and it stored a strong spark...............................................................Duff-norton manufacturer of hoist.The motor was made by DOERR ...all markings on motor are,,(1 hp) 1725 RPM ..60HZ  FR WJ56Y..DUTY (HOIST).RISE 40 C   TYPE K   SR FACTOR 1  MOTOR REFERENCE 6040 15 J783  CODE 1 1 PHASE  115/230 AMP 16  AMP 8   PART# 861J104  LR 22132......Also motor has a total of 9 leads. Out of one opening are 2 red leads 1 is marked 8 the other lead is not marked...These 2 leads go directly to capacitor..There are 7 leads out of the other opening.. 4 black leads are # 2,3,4,5  the other 3 leads are red .# 1,6,7 ..By tracing wiring thru contactor I believe the connections in one direction are..L1 goes to T1....L2 goes to T2T4T6...other direction goes to L1 to T7..    L2 goes to T2T4T1...I am hoping the draw is wrong..Asking for the correct wiring combination.. cw and ccw. Thanks.

I have gone through my old dwgs but cannot find anything for a coffing hoist.

Can you open the back end of the motor and tell me where the 3 red wires, ie 167 come from? there must be a klixon in there .
Once I know where the leads come from I can then group the number of circuits.

Take an ohmmeter and tell me the coil groups.

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