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I have just found a very nice old Packard motor hooked to a water pump in a crawl space. Asked the owner of the cabin if I could take it for my punk art collection, and he said yes. It's a 1/4 hrs. 5amp 120v.  #'s on it are SW14DK14 & J5 53, mdl S 7464.  Was wondering on the year and if it's anything special like rarity or value.  Thank you for any info. Another thing, the two oiler flappers are intact and was wondering on the type of oil if any I should use and how much I should put in. Is there a way to check for low oil, should I replace the old oil? I have not tried the motor yet till I hear from you, but the reason it was laying down there was because the pump housing had froze and cracked so it was easier to replace the whole thing. Then I came along 60 years later. So what I'm saying is this motor is near mint condition, with some minor scratching.

Sorry I dont have any info regarding the vintage of the motor. Could be 1930+ range?

You can use 10w 30 engine oil. 5-10 drops and let it run in.
There is no oil reservoir so no need tochange the oil.
The oil is absorbed by felt or like a saw dust type packing.

You can take it apart and clean it out or blow it out before restoring the exterior.

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