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Electric Motors/3 phase motor rotates wrong after new brushes installed


I have a very old Clark 24 volt forklift. The lift was working every day until the brushes wore out on the hydraulic pump motor. Someone replaced the brushes and now the motor rotates the wrong direction. I tried swapping the leads on the two shunts and it made no difference. The motor has no markings I can see. It has 4 sets of brushes. 2 brushes per set. 1 wire to each top brush and 2 wires to each bottom brush. Can you help me reverse the direction of this motor? I don't have room to reverse pump installation on the motor

Who ever changed the brushes must have moved the position of the brush holders in relation to the stator or fields.
there is no other way for it to reverse.

Remove the back housing and see if it will rotate 90 deg try it, and then another 90 deg . keep trying it.

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