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Hello. I hope you can help me. i have a 1 hp Wayne shallow well jet pump that is only about 3 years old,  it has worked very well up until 3 weeks ago, i draw water from a creek behind my house, When it stopped working i went to check it and discovered that it was humming then shutting itself off, i checked the cap with ohm meter seems to be fine, thought it was the pressure switch got a new one but that was not it, still tripping the internal thermal switch,  while working on it trying all kinds off things i noticed that after it shut off i would spin the shaft from the rear of the motor and the next time it tried to start it would. in fact it did this every time. do you think there could be something wrong with that start clutch thing in the back of the motor. i'm at a completed loss, i had to tap into my nieces pump who lives on the same property has we do in order to get water to our house, here is the weird thing she has the same pump that we do and after being connected to her pump for about 2 weeks her pump is doing exactly the same thing now, our pumps are the same, Wayne 1 hp shallow well jet pump. can you give me any suggestions at all. it runs off of 220. the Wayne we had before this one lasted over 10 years, through some very harsh conditions, i live in Oregon and have a lot of frozen pipes, yet it just kept running,
Thank you in advance for reading my letter.

Testing the capacitor with a ohm meter is not a real good way to test. It should be tested with a meter that will show the exact micro farads. With power disconnected, put a analog  ohm meter to the leads that go to the capacitor. It should read zero. slowly turn the shaft to see if it remains zero through a few turns. This will show if the internal switch and governor are working. The meter should remain at zero at all times. If the test is ok, then the start winding may be bad.  

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