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I am hooking up a 30 amp freestanding electric oven with gas stove (hereinafter "range") and am unclear about the type of extension cord I should use.  Since the range is rated for 30 amps, I would think that a 30 amp extension cord would be appropriate.  However, all my research so far has indicated that dryers may use 30 amps but ranges use 50 amp cords.  Can I indeed use a 30 amp cord even if it is labeled to be for dryers on this range?  Or, must I use a 50 amp cord even though the range is rated for 30 amps?  The circuit is rated at 30 amps (now, we previously had a 40 amp circuit) and has 4 wires.  I am planning on installing a receptable to the bare wires that presently exist and using the extension cord to connect the range.  

Thank you in advance.


All the combination electric oven / gas stove's that I have hooked up required a 30 amp line for the oven. It doesn't mean the oven actually uses 30 amps it just means it needs to be on a  circuit with the capacity of 30 amps. The oven may only draw between 20 and 25 amps. So your looking at a 30 amp 4 wire cord for that stove like you would use for a dryer. If the exisitng line to the stove is only 3 wires then you would use a 3 wire cord. Double check the instructions that came with the range to be certain on what I said. The rated wattage of the oven should not be much greater than 6000 watts.


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