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  1st off great info on what you posted awhile ago on the price of 1MW of power of electricity.  Was wondering if you could update that avg price.  And if you can, I am looking into building smaller (under 5MW) hydroelectric (ROR) run-on-the-river dams and was wondering what I could expect that the power company would pay me?

Just a rough guess based on 2013 economy.  Thanks in advance.

Johnny M Wahl

Johnny -
The electricity your projects produce would be considered to have come from renewable energy.
Many states have passed laws requiring their utilities to produce a certain percentage of their annual electricity generation electricity from projects that use renewable energy. See the following, for example:
State requirements for such Renewable Energy Portfolios creates the market for your projects.
I'm not current on the prices at which various states are contracting for renewable energy, but Google will help you learn all about this. My guess is that it would be a bit more than the retail price that residential customers currently pay for electricity.
Good luck on your small hydro projects.
- Bill

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