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QUESTION: Hi Bob, I need some good advice from someone like you that knows lighting. In my shop I have 8 sets of 8 foot long fluorescent light fixtures. They are on a 13' high ceiling. I want to do something new with the lighting. I really don't want to lower the lights I will loose moving around height for tall items. The shop even with all these lights seems dark. What do you recommend I can do to relight the place and maybe even more energy efficient and mostly brighter? All your advice would be great. If it matters the shop ceiling and walls are bright white.
Thank you as always.

ANSWER: Jerry,

Are the existing lights 2 lights per fixture or 4


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QUESTION: They are 2 lights per fixture, The light tubes are about 1&1/8" Diameter.
There older at least 15 year old fixtures.

Ok those are the old T-12's they are phasing out for the brighter, skinnier and more energy efficient  T-5's and T-8's. My buddies down here have a machine shop and when they moved into their new building we removed the old T-12 fixtures like yours and installed 8' 2 light HO flourescent fixtures. The difference was like night and day. You could get the same results with a 2 light 8' T-8 HO fixture. I'll nose around and see whats out there. With white walls and ceiling you'd have light bouncing all over the place. I'm sure the reflector pans on your existing fixtures are dirty and that sucks up a lot of light.  

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