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I am moving shower location in the basement (from one side of bathroom to the other side).  Our bathroom and laundry room share a wall.  Basement electrical panel (220V) is in the Laundry room and back of the panel is in the bathroom.  I am moving the shower to the same wall as the Electrical panel.  So, Electrical panel will be sandwiched between shower wall and laundry room wall.  Shower wall will have Hardibacker board and tile.  Water supply (valve and shower head) is in the different wall and about 30" from the wall as Electrical panel.
My question is: Can the shower wall back directly to Electrical panel wall?  Or do I need to have a space between shower wall and the Electrical panel wall?
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I would "furr" that wall out on the bathroom side with at least 3/4" strips just so you have some space and maybe even put a piece of 3/4 plywood directly behind the panel flush with the furring strips as added insurance there will be no direct contact between the back of that panel and the Hardiback.


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