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Wiring 1/3 HP type 123D17-1 westinghouse motor.   this did not work for me even when i hooked directly to lines with cheater cord (no reversing switch)  the external 60 mfd capacitor in the original ckt was in series with a thermal switch also remotely mounted. i think they were in series with the start winding. even putting them back does not help.  this motor is in a sears garage door opener 139.655.
I have disassembled the original wiring to make a tire lift for my 78 year old mechanic friend who struggles lifting truck tires with car on lift.  I used a push button (Mometary) and a 3 way light switch (for up / down) to control a 11 pin relay (reversing)
to reverse the red and black start winding's per your diagram. i also used the end of travel switches to stop motor in that direction. the extra contact from relay was used to connect end of travel n/c when not in that direction.  
basically the relay n/c contacts run the motor up when push button actuated. and up down sw to down energizes relay reversing black /red motor leads and connecting down limit switch in ckt (n/c)
thank you
p.s.    could not find schematic of original wiring diagram in sears garage door opener 139.655 using Westinghouse 123D17-1 motor.  its 5;30 AM  JUST BOTHERS ME THAT IT DID NOT WORK

Sorry for the delay, the flu done got me. I tried to find your original question, to refresh my memory, but couldn't. Did you get the motor to run just by itself? Here is a diagram of a switch, 3 PDT momentary,that would eliminate the two switches you have now. You might could integrate it with your limits. You would disregard T2 and T3.

Not sure of the schematic, so I won't deal with it at the present.

Not sure I've helped anymore, and hope you get it going.  

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