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I have a table saw with a Dayton LR22132 motor on it.  It is a dual voltage motor.  It was rewired from 220 to 110 by the previous owner.  When I plugged it in and flipped the switch, there was a loud humming and the blade rotated a few degrees backward.  Is that diagnostic of a particular problem?  d

That would seem that the starting winding is not engaging. First check that it is wired properly for low voltage. If possible, look through the vents at the rear of the motor, to see if there are any burned or black windings. Make sure the power is off. Blow out the motor with compressed air, while slowing turning the motor over a few times by hand.  Then check the capacitor to see if the wires are connected. WARNING!! Capacitors can and will hold a charge for a extended period of time! Bleed off the capacitor using a insulated screwdriver placed across the two posts. If the capacitor shows signs of leaking or bulging, it will need to be replaced. Also, it can look perfect, and still be defective.

For further testing, it will require a analog multimeter. A digital meter will not work as good, as most will want to read resistance and not continuity. Let me know if you have one, or can get one and I will guide you through some more tests, before you have to remove the motor.  

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