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QUESTION: I have a Smith+jones 1.5 horse 115/230 volt electric motor 3450 rpm.I need to find out about the wires,it has a button on the side of the motor and there is three wires connected to it one is P1 it is a bare wire that is connected to the button T1 which comes out of the motor and connects to the button  P2 it is a bare wire coming from the button then T2,3,4,5 and 8 that comes out of the motor.which wires connect to what to make the motor run.and is the wires on the button correct.I'm using the motor on a air compressor.

ANSWER: First, what do you mean by "bare" wire? Non insulated? Next, what voltage are you wanting to connect it for?

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QUESTION: yes non insulated just the ends of each wire and 110 volt is what I'm trying to hook up.I got the compressor gave to me and the guy I got it from couldn't get it to work don't know what all he tried as wiring it up all I know is that theirs 6 wires that are coming out of the motor and non of them are connected to anything nor connected to each other . here is what is on the sticker on the side of the motor,          cat#67841,model#D56 1.5S2C-Y,RPM3515/ENCL ODP,frame56/NEMA L,DE/ODE BRG 6203/6203,volts115/230,amps12.7/6.4,sf amps18.2/9.2,HP1.5,PH1,HZ60,SF1.5,INS/F,codeJ,duty cont,amb40 c. just needing help connecting it up proper .

Connect P2,T3,T8 to your black 110 volt line. Connect T2,T4,T5 to the 110 volt white wire. Check your rotation. There should be a arrow on the compressor pulley showing the direction. If the direction is wrong, swap the T5 and the T8 leads to reverse the motor.

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