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Dayton model 4k641
Dayton model 4k641  

wiring leads
wiring leads  
Mr.Jones I ask a question earlier about wiring this motor to 220v. I should have mentioned that currently the motor is being used on a Clausing lathe. We disassembled the lathe to transfer it to my house without taking a picture of the wiring. It was wired to 110v, I was trying to see if it could be wired to 220v. The image I am sending is how the motor looks right now with  nothing connected. Only two wires are present which looks to be black and the other yellow. The leads that come into the motor come from what I call a barrel switch. I will attach a picture as well of all the wiring involved. Hope that helps with your answer.

Because this motor is so old, I have no idea which leads connect to the windings, internal switch, capacitor and so forth. Also, does the nameplate say it is dual voltage? If you could refer me to the original post, as I don't remember the details, maybe I can gather more information.

FYI, I have rejected your first post, so it will clear from my list.

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